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Pendant Depicting an Ithyphallic God

Pendant Depicting an Ithyphallic God

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Lost wax cast reproduction of Ancient Egyptian pendant or charm showing an Ithyphallic deity.

The inspiration for this pendant is an artifact which was crafted around 2150 BC, it was auctioned by Christies in 2012 - it is now in private collection.

Acquired in the 1920s-1940s as part of t
he Groppi Collection, this pendent depicts a figure striding with a leading left leg, his right arm is raised with forefinger to his lips, while his left arm poorly shields his nudity. A suspension hoop on reverse attaches to a chain. 

The god shown is likely an early representation of Horus the Child.

Pendant measures 1.5" tall. This item is created by lost wax casting a 3d printed mold and is manufactured in the United States. It is made to order - please allow 2-3 weeks for production.

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