Hello World

Hello World

Hey everybody. I'm Nalin Singapuri - owner of BoneNE. We shipped our first product a few weeks ago so I figured I should probably introduce BoneNE.

1) Its pronounced Boney.
2) Lets talk through the history of The Museum of Jewelry, San Francisco a bit, because that's the easiest way to explain BoneNE.

The Museum of Jewelry was established in 1964 by my father, Shashi Singapuri. It started predominantly as a wholesale jewelry manufacturer and evolved into a decent sized retail catalog operation. At its peak it employed about a hundred people and shipped out millions of catalogs a year. The Museum's pieces appear in many Hollywood films, were featured in Vogue Magazine and sold at large retailers such as Nordstroms for many years.

But as things do with fashion - even with fashion that is thousands of years old - the styles waned. Around the year 2000 the Museum stopped sending out retail catalogs and slowly scaled down operations.

And then - as things do with fashion - especially with fashions that have endured for thousands of years - the styles came back. 

For the last two years I have been helping to rebuild The Museum of Jewelry. I have spent my time growing the social media presence to thousands of users who love historic jewelry and rescuing pieces from our warehouses - beautiful vintage pieces that were manufactured by hand in the 1960s through 1990s - and that have never been offered for sale.

And thats been awesome and really fun. But in the process I've accidentally happened across beautiful pieces that should be in the Museum's collections - but can't - because the Museum of Jewelry no longer manufactures new designs.

BoneNE was established in 2018 to solve a problem. I wanted to revive these beautiful designs and make them available for sale. I hope you love them as much as I do.


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