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Anglo-Saxon Runic Rings

If the Kingmoor ring (our replica shown above) brings to mind the stories of JRR Tolkien, it's probably because The Lord of the Rings author was informed by the artifact. There are seven known rings of the Anglo-Saxon period (9th or 10th century) bearing runic inscriptions.The most notable of these are the Bramham Moor Ring, found in the 18th century, and the Kingmoor Ring, found 1817. These two rings were discovered on opposite sides of the United Kingdom. They were separated by over 100 miles and made perhaps 100 years apart. Yet both are inscribed with nearly identical runes: ærkriufltkriuriþonglæstæpontol Curiously the exact translation of the phrase has been lost to history, its gibberish to us modern folk. But we have a few clues...

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SAMA Museum Reproductions

A few months ago I visited the San Antonio Museum of Art and got a tour and a strong hint that they would like me to reproduce some pieces in their collection. In no particular order, here are a few of the pieces we're doing in collaboration with SAMA: Zenú/Sinú Culture Columbian Earrings Update: now available for sale here. Pair of Earrings. 800 AD. Sinu Region, Columbia. Cast filigree.     Calima Alligator Pendant Alligator Necklace, 200 AD. Calima/Talima Culture, Columbia. Gold.     Chimu Ear Spool Earrings   I have a few more coming soon, watch this space ;). A note on availability - these guys are going to move a bit slower than our typical products and will be available later in 2019 or...

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