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Ring of Royal Scribe Routy - Gold

Ring of Royal Scribe Routy - Gold

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Lost wax cast reproduction of a late period signet ring Ancient Egyptian artifact created between 664–332 BC and housed at the Louvre.

The ring describes the owner as Routy son of Imhotep, and his position as royal scribe (an esteemed job in ancient Egypt).

Literally translated we get: "sS nsw xpr mDt nTr nb rwty sA imHtp" meaning "the royal scribe who was all god’s book, Routy son of Imhotep".

This item is created by lost wax casting a 3d printed mold and is manufactured in the United States. This version features gold over brass and is made to order - please allow 2-4 weeks for production.

Ring depth, width and height will vary based on ring side ordered.

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