Nefertiti's Ring - Brass
Nefertiti's Ring - Brass
Nefertiti's Ring - Brass


Nefertiti's Ring - Brass

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Lost wax cast reproduction of a ring depicting King Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti as Shu and Tefnut. The inspiration for this ring is an Ancient Egyptian artifact which was forged around 1350 BC and is housed at the Met.

The ring depicts two god-king figures with attributes of deities.
King Akhenaten [left] holds a feather to demonstrate his command over air and associate him with the god Shu (
bearer of the sun and god of air). Queen Nefertiti [right] appears as goddess Tefnut (bringer of moisture and rain). A sun disk flanked by sacred cobras at top and the earth hieroglyph below reflect Shu and Tefnuts reputation as father and mother of earth and sky.    

Size 7.5 [pictured] ring measures 25mm wide x 14mm deep x 23.5mm tall - however ring measurements will vary by size.

This item is created by lost wax casting a 3d printed mold and is manufactured in the United States. In stock and ready to ship in 1-2 business days.

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